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Kippax Greeted Greetland with a Thrashing!

Sunday 1st April 2012

Kippax  50  Greetland 10

150_bg_green_crest.jpg - 30.14 Kb  Kippax Greeted Greetland with a Thrashing!  Kippax played host to Greetland.  With only two games left of the season, Kippax needed a win to make the last game the league decider!


Kippax  kicked off and Greetland knocked on straight away.  Kippax made decent progress before a lost ball and a Greetland scrum.  Greetland penalised for a forward pass gave Kippax a penalty.  Good work from George and Xavier went over for the first try of the game 4 minutes in.  Successful conversion Jordan.  Kippax lead by 6.  Greetland kicked off and was taken by John who made a good run forward.  Kippax lost the ball and Greetland played the scum,  Greetland immediately were talked out of play by good work from Joe. Kippax moved swiftly from the scrum and good movements from Kyran to Matty who went over for a try. 8 Minutes in Kippax lead by 10.  Greetland take a short kick off but taken by Kyran and moved well by Joe, Raff & George, long kick was taken by Greetland.  Greetland didnt progress far with good defensive work from Kippax, a long kick caught by John who again maked a good run.  Kippax penalised for a debatable knock on gave Greetland the scrum but a soon lost ball was taken well by Raff .  Offside Greetland gave Kippax a penalty.  Kippax ball intercepted by Greetland and a ¾ pitch run gave Greetland a well played try.  Successful conversion.  Kippax now lead by 4.  Kippax kicked off and a Greetland knocked on straight away, who were also offside.  A good penalty taken and a great drive by Raff to Joe who went over for his first of the game, Successful conversion Jordan.  Kippax lead by 10.  Greetland didn’t make anything of their next 6 and Kippax won a scrum.  Good work from Xavier who passed to Joe, who had the ball ripped.  Kippax penalty and a great kick taken by John who moved the ball.  Good work from Kyran again and over for a try.  Kippax lead by 14.  Greetland kicked off and were immediately penalised for a head high tackle, Kippax proceeded to loose the ball, Greetland could move forward as Kippax defence proved too strong, the long kick was taken well by Danny.  Two good tackles by Greetland followed.  Kippax kicked and was taken by Greetland.   Penalty given to Kippax, a few knock ons followed by both teams.  Kippax scrum and a good drive from John and Kyran then a penalty for crossing awarded to Greetland.  Poor defence from Kippax and Greetland were straight through for a try.  Missed conversion.  Kippax go into half time in the lead by 10.

A frustrated Greetland came and didnt do themselves any favours.  A few minutes in Kippax were given a penalty for dirty play from Greetland.  Kippax made good work and a ripped ball, given as a knock on by the ref gave Greetland the scrum. Kippax awarded a penalty for a Greetland foul,  good work from George who passed to Joe for a good run and a try.  Kippax lead by 14.  Greetland kicked off and Kippax worked the ball well.  Greetland couldn’t stop them and over went Danny.  Kippax 28 Greetland 10.  Greetland kicked off with a long kick which went out of play.  Penalty to Kippax, fantastic moves forward by Kippax and the ball top Xavier who went over for his second.  Conversion successful Jordan.  Kippax extend the lead to 24.  The next ten minutes followed with penalties galore from both sides and knock ons.  Kippax pressures with the tackles and forced a knock on.  Good work from Kippax who hadthe ball stolen.  Good movement’s from the scrum and over for his first went Jordan Rivers.  Kippax lead by 28.  Greetland kicked off and was taken by Joe who moved up to half way, good work from Kyran to Xavier to George who passed to Jordan Rivers who took a cheeky little kick and retrieved to score, he also took the conversion.  Kippax led by 34.  Greetlands heads were down and couldn’t quite get it right making silly fouls for holding and stolen balls.  Penalty to Kippax, who moved again swiftly but knocked on.  Greetland pressured again by Kippax tackling who forced a knock on.  Another penalty given to Kippax for holding and ripped ball.  Taken well and good work from George and he went over.  Successful conversion.  Final score Kippax 50  Greetland 10.

Another good win lads.  One more league game left, this MAY be the decider!  Now watching Heworths progress in anticipation!!

Trys        Xavier 2    Matty   1   Joe   2    Kyran 1   Danny 1   Jordan Rivers 2   George  1

Conversions      Jordan 5

Men of the match           Jordan Rivers, Ryan, Danny

Players Points Tally






















 John G











Jordan R






Jordan Rivers
















Kippax have achieved clubmark!

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